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*Z33 rotor face not completely swept/covered by Wilwood caliper brake pad*

As seen on Speed Academy's project K-swapped 240x YouTube video series



  • B13 (1990-1994) NISSAN SENTRA E 1.6L BRAKE BOOSTER (smallest but most difficult to source)

Born from 100's of hours and almost 4000 laps of racing in the American Endurance Racing series, the ultimate Silvia/180sx/240sx/S-chassis big brake kits mean business. Intended for serious track duty and/or those wanting to look baller, these kits offers better bang for your buck than anything on the market, all while being able to keep Z32 parking brake functionality.  These are the same kits used on the Core4 S14 VQ swapped endurance race car with excellent results.


Front Big Brake Kit

Like none other on the market, you have the ability to run 3 different rotors depending on your application.  Utilizing the latest iteration of Wilwood's Forged SuperLite brake caliper series, the "FSL6R," the Core4 caliper adapter bracket allows the choice to run a standard 1-piece Z33 350Z track model rotor for budget minded enthusiasts, or for those looking for more thermal capacity and cooling efficiency, a 332mm x 32mm rotor ring mounted on Core4's rotor hat, or for big game hunters a 355mm x 32mm (18" wheel minimum).


2-piece rotor designs keep significant heat away from the wheel bearings (300F+ differential measured from rotor to hat coming off track) and also reduce rotating, unsprung weight.  The Core4 332mm x 32mm rotor setup is more than 3lbs lighter than a Z32 front rotor and more than 6lbs lighter than a Z33 track rotor.  These are significant weight savings with much greater thermal efficiency!   



Rear Big Brake Kit


Utilizing the same rotor hat as the front kit with a 327mm x 21mm rotor ring, the Core4 kit rear is truly bolt on and doesn't require cutting anything off your uprights in order to make clearance for fitment like most other rear kits do. This allows it to work on most aftermarket rear uprights (confirmed GKTech rear upright), making it possible for drifters to run an insane dual FSL4R caliper setup!


Like the front, the rear also uses Wilwood's newest Forged SuperLite Radial mount calipers, but a 4 piston configuration (FSL4R) that is perfectly balanced with the front.  That means the brake pad shape is the same for the front and rear in these kits.  When running an external proportioning valve, it is possible to run the same pad compound front and rear and keep inventory simple!


A truly unique feature unlike anything else on the market is the ability to retain a functional Z32 parking brake setup.  This is achieved using an optional (and removable) Type III, Class 2 hardcoat anodized aluminum drum.  The rotor assembly with modular parking brake drum is 3lbs lighter than a Z32 rear rotor for reduced unsprung mass with greater thermal capacity and efficiency!


The Core4 Rear Big Brake Kit is perfectly balanced when paired with our Front Big Brake Kit and used with a Z32 brake master cylinder (not included). Rear kit must be installed with a larger front brake kit to keep proper balance!

C4M Ultimate Nissan Silvia/240sx/180sx/Z32 300zx Front & Rear Big Brake Kits

    Front & Rear Kit Specifications

    • 2024-T351 aluminum alloy caliper adapter brackets
      • One of the highest strength, temperature and fatigue resistant aluminum alloys available. 
    • 6061-T6 aluminum alloy rotor hats with floating design
      • Same rotor hat used on front and rear
    • AN/Mil spec. airframe bolt and jet-nut rotor hardware with provisions to minimize NVH
    • Braided stainless steel brake lines
    • Same brake pad shape used on front & rear
    • Unbeatable track pad compound selection
    • Large pads typically double the size of OEM pad shapes for ultimate longevity and cost effectiveness
    • The best balanced, performance based complete brake system available on the market for the money
    • Z32 300zx brake master cylinder is highly recommended


    Front Kit Specifics:

    Wilwood Forged Superlite Radial Mount 6 Piston (FSL6R) Caliper

    • The stiffest superlite caliper to date.  Significantly stffer than older "lug mount" style FSL calipers
    • Almost zero pad taper the entire life of the pad
    • Huge selection of pads
    • Cheaper and larger than OEM style pad shapes

    Front Rotor Options:

    • 13.06"(332mm) x 1.25"(32mm) rotor ring (17" wheel min)
    • 14.0"(355mm) x 1.25"(32mm) rotor ring (18" wheel min)
    • Z33 350Z track model 1-piece rotors (no Core4 Hats req'd)
      *Z33 rotor face not completely swept/covered by Wilwood caliper brake pad*


    Rear Kit Specifics:

    • Wilwood Forged Superlite Radial Mount 4 Piston (FSL4R) Caliper
      • Same benefits as FSL6R caliper used on front kit
    • 12.88"(327mm) x 0.81"(21mm) rotor ring
    • Optional modular aluminum parking brake drum to retain OEM Z32 parking brake functionality
      • Type III, Class 2, Hardcoat anodize
    • No cutting the upright required
    • Can be used with aftermarket uprights
  • Due to the intended use of high performance products, Core4 Motorsports, Inc. ("C4," "CORE4," "C4M") products and each part thereof, are sold "AS IS."  To the fullest extent allowed by law, Core4 Motorsports Products makes NO written, oral, expressed, or implied statement of warranty or guarantee on any product or part sold. Core4 Motorsports will not be liable for any direct, indirect, incidental, consequential, or special damages, including but not limited to, damage, injury, loss of life, loss of property or equipment, loss of profits or revenue, or claims from any individual or entity arising from the use of any Core4 product.

    RACING IS A DANGEROUS ACTIVITY AND PURCHASERS OF Core4 PRODUCTS ACKNOWLEDGE THE INHERENT RISKS ASSOCIATED. CORE4 MAKES NO REPRESENTATIONS THAT ITS PRODUCTS CAN ELIMINATE ANY SUCH RISK. Core4 products are NOT FOR USE ON THE STREET and/or HIGHWAY,  and are intended ONLY for race vehicles operated on closed-course facilities or race tracks with appropriate supervision of qualified technicians or mechanics to ensure that the safety needs of the race driver and others are met. CORE4 products could be combined with other products or parts which may not be suitable and could adversely affect performance of other race parts or the vehicle. The user shall determine the ultimate suitability and safety of the product for its intended use, and the user assumes all responsibility and risk in connection therewith.

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