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Tom is the team captain, driver, and chief engineer of Core4.  Tom studied mechanical engineering in college and has a Masters in ME from SUNY Stony Brook.  Tom, an engineer by profession, designs and fabricates all of the race parts that Core4 sells to the racing community.  Core4's 240sx is equipped with many parts the team sells, logging 100s of hours of real-world testing to ensure our parts handle the rigors of wheel to wheel racing.

Tom Galeo

Chris runs marketing for Core4 and is a driver as well.  Chris, with a degree in civil engineering, focuses on the team's social media accounts and sponsor outreach.  As Core4's product offerings broaden, Chris helps to manage product and merchandise sales.

Chris Bushart


Lorenzo is paramount in all areas of the Core4 team ranging from driver, mechanics to team logistics. He is a certified automotive technician and HVAC technician, with an advanced understanding of automotive electronics.  Lorenzo's broad knowledge base helps problem solve all issues the team is presented with.

Lorenzo Galeo

Ted is the lead mechanic, top driver, and head of Core4's engine program.  Ted has competitively raced in a number of racing bodies, consistently putting down lap times in the top 5 of drivers per weekend, with multiple 'fast lap of the weekend' accomplishments.  Ted is a professional photographer, and many of the team's race photos have been captured when Ted swaps his time behind the wheel for time behind the lens.

Ted Wollmers

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