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PRICE IS PER PAIR (quantity of 1 in cart = 2 spacers)


Introducting our "Anti-Fatigue" hub-centric slip-on wheel spacers for 5x120 BMW vehicles with 72.56mm diameter wheel hubs.


Available in 5mm, 12mm, 15mm, and 20mm thicknesses.



  • Never worry about wheel center-bore chamfer interference due to manufacturing differences of wheel brands. Interference at the center can stress wheel studs significantly.
  • The mating surfaces of the spacers ensures the that the center of the wheel stud clamping pressure is outside the wheel bolt circle - i.e.- increases friction leverage to resist shear loads (braking, engine torque, corner weight, etc.) from being imparted onto the wheel studs (BAD!). 
  • Hub-centric for OEM wheel alignment with the rotation axis of the wheel hub/bearing (except 5mm which is thin enough to keep the wheel hub hub-centric feature)



  • 6061-T651 Aluminum Alloy
  • Mating surfaces held to 0.001in (0.025mm) or less parallelism and flatness
  • Pry notches along the OD on both sides for easy removal from hub or wheel
  • Lightweight design
  • Type II Black Anodized finish to prevent aluminum oxidation (white powdery build-up)

Anti-Fatigue Wheel Spacers - BMW 5x120 - E36 E46 E92 E82 F82

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