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Price is PER HUB unit with service done AND studs installed!




  • You already have new/good hubs.
  • Or, you have a preferred vendor for replacement parts.
  • Or, you have an obscure model BMW (Z3, etc) and the rear hubs are $$$$
  • And, you want the Core4 ultimate press-in stud upgrade.
  • But, you can't justify buying new hubs for the stud conversion because of the above reasons.


No problem! Send in what you already have, or have your hubs drop shipped to us for the most robust, endurance-racing proven BMW wheel stud conversion on the market.


A cost efficient method to get a wheel stud solution exactly how OEM's make hubs that come with wheel studs from the factory.   


You just pay for shipping to us, we perform our machining and stud installation service and send back to you. 

Please provide details of the hubs you'll be sending during checkout.  We wil alsol contact you for more details after ordering.


For more details on the superiorty of the press-in studs, please click here.


BMW Press-In Stud Hub Service - Send In Your Own E36 E46 E9x E82 Hubs


    • Send in your own hubs.  Brand does NOT matter
    • More robust & reliable than thread-in studs: 12mm press-in studs have 44+% larger cross-sectional area at points of peak stress at the hub than thread-in studs and bolts
    • Beyond grade 12.9 fastener strength (185,000+ psi tensile strength)
    • ARP/MSI press-in wheel stud failures are extremely rare
    • MSI studs come with proprietary dry film lubricant coating
    • Quick start bullet nose on MSI studs
    • Can be serviced on front with hubs still on car
    • Up to 12mm wheel spacer on shorter stud
    • Up to 20mm wheel spacer on longer stud (No bullet nose on longer ARP)
    • Service your studs when you service your wheel bearings
    • ARP and MSI fasteners are MADE IN THE USA
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